All About Namina


At Namina spa, you can let go of everyday life and indulge in the pampering hands of our professional staff. Traditional Asian luxury treatments like exotic Thai herbal massage (Look Pra Kop) and enticing Aroma massage ensure total relaxation and well-being. Namina’s authentic milieu and luxurious service truly separate us from the rest. Harmonious surroundings and a warm, pleasant ambience ensure your complete relaxation for days.


The Asian atmosphere and long tradition-based treatments guarantee a true moment of pampering for you. We want you to forget all your everyday worries from the moment you enter our spa.  Our customer service representative will welcome you and do everything in her power to make your stay a relaxing and unforgettable experience in every way. Our therapist will listen to all your wishes and ensure that the treatment is carried out on the terms of your body. At Namina, we always strive to create the most authentic experience for every guest and continuously develop our services.


As in Thai culture, family is the core for us in Namina. During treatments, we are often alone with the client, but it is important to us that we spend as much time with each other as possible, whether it be joint lunch breaks or after work activities. We organise events several times a year where we get to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Our multicultural family is growing all the time and every new therapist is trained by our own therapists at Namina. For us, as important as the comfort of an individual is that everyone gets along and takes care of each other.