Spa etiquette

Your mini-vacay in paradise is about to begin

With Namina Spa Etiquette, we wish to ensure that visiting Namina is a holistic and relaxing experience for everyone. A peaceful and soothing environment enhances relaxation and enjoyment of our treatments, so we kindly ask you to take into consideration other guests by whispering when speaking and turning your phone off/silent when entering Namina. Please arrive to Namina well in advance before the start of your treatment (approx. 10 min) – this is to make sure that all treatments start on time. If you know you’re going to be late, let us know beforehand so your therapist can be informed. Reserve enough time for your visit even after the treatment, in order to enjoy our complete Namina pampering experience.

Before your treatment

When booking a time with us, please inform us of any health conditions that may affect your treatment (pregnancy, illness, medication, injuries, etc.), so we can notify our massage therapists early on. You will be given proper clothing and footwear upon your arrival. The dressing rooms are equipped with a basket for your personal belongings and you may take it with you for the duration of your treatment. For some treatments we offer disposable underwear and a hair-cap but otherwise you may leave your underwear (bottom) under the bathrobe. Some of our treatments begin with an Asian lime enhanced foot bath and is included in the total duration of the treatment.

After relaxing

After your treatment, you can change your clothes in peace and sit back for a moment to enjoy our lovely Thai Lemongrass tea. Now your mind and body may return calmly from the exotic mini-vacation. Our customer service will happily answer any question you may have considering treatments or the practicality of your visit. Have a relaxing time with us in Namina Spa!