Service description

With this treatment, you will find yourself in the tropics! The treatment begins with calming the body and balancing your breathing - it's time to let stressful thoughts float away. You will feel a warm sensation flowing through the body as the spa therapist pours warm oil into your hair while gently massaging your head. The warm flowing oil effectively relaxes and at the same time nourishes the hair and scalp. In addition to the head, the therapist will also massage the neck area. The relaxing treatment continues with combing the hair and scalp, which invigorates the blood circulation of the scalp and relieves the tightening feeling caused by stress. Lymph fluids will also circulate better after the treatment. The excess oil will be softly dried off with a towel. The overall experience is topped off with a lovely hand massage and short stretches. During the treatment, the applied oil is recommended to be left in the hair for a few hours to nourish it, but it is also possible to take a shower after the treatment. Shower time (10 min) is then included in the treatment time.


Price list

  • 55 min 110€