Namina Laanthai

Service description

Namina Laanthai combines popular treatments from Namina's Massage Lover category into one wonderful 85-minute pampering package! The treatment begins with Namina's traditional Asian foot massage, in which the reflective areas of the foot are pressed to balance your body. Next, the spa therapist will move on to massage your arms with Thai movements. This both stimulates blood circulation in the upper body and feels truly enjoyable. An oriental head massage will put you in a real state of relaxation, where the tension in the neck will also be relieved by placing pressure on the acu-points. The treatment is completed with a short back and shoulder massage, in which the aching areas are located, and the muscles are stretched out using Thai stretching techniques. This package offers you all the genuinely great things from head to toe! As the name implies, the treatment takes place in a treatment chair located in an open lobby area, allowing you to be part of our authentic Asian atmosphere. Massage oil will only be used during Asian foot massage.

Price list

  • 85 min 145€