Namina Queen Bee

Service description

Every new beginning of life is a miracle and pregnancy is always a unique experience for its bearer. Namina Queen Bee is a delightful pampering package that focuses on supporting a woman’s holistic well-being during pregnancy. This 2,5 h treatment package begins with a soothing footbath and foot scrub and is followed by almond milk and honey body scrub. Naturally, special attention is paid to the tummy, which receives a gentle scrub, a skin moisturizing mask and a wrap. Now, it is time for our wonderful Namina hot stone massage, which is carried out in a position that is comfortable for the Mother-to-be. This spoiling treatment is topped with a relaxing head massage. All products used in the treatment are organic and suitable for use during pregnancy. The expecting Mother deserves a royal treatment, and the entire treatment always proceeds on the terms of the client and considering the Mother's condition.

Price list

  • 150 min 265€