Namjai Siam

Service description

Just as Thai kindness and hospitality, Namjai Siam gently wraps you in its care. This treatment combines the techniques of traditional Thai massage and relaxing oil massage into one holistic and relaxing treatment! The treatment begins with typical Thai massage pressuring. Warming Thai balm helps with muscle tension and invigorates blood circulation - this way the body is prepared for relaxation and the mind simmers down for a moment. The treatment continues with a pleasantly effective oil massage, where the muscles are treated with care and the body is opened with gentle, strong stretches! The massage is always carried out with consideration and respect for the client's needs. You will be accompanied to the last phase of relaxation by a fairy-tale-like oriental head massage and finishing stretches for the body. The calm and relaxed feeling after the treatment will last with you for days to come!

Price list

  • 85 min 150€
  • 115 min 170€