Nana’s Foot Spa

Service description

"Next stop Nana!" When your feet are longing for a luxurious pampering, Nana’s Foot Spa is your choice! This special treatment begins with a hot stone foot bath during which the therapist will soften and relax your shoulders and neck area. This soothing journey continues as the therapist scrubs your feet with Namina’s Jasmine rice scrub, followed by a foot massage where we will locate your painful areas and relax the muscles. Your reborn legs will be placed inside warm, comforting hot stone wraps for relaxation while the therapist proceeds to massage your tired hands. Focusing on relieving stress, the therapist kneads through your arms starting from the fingertips and continuing all the way up to your shoulders. This deluxe treatment will finish with a spoiling neck-, shoulder -and head massage. The treatment is done in our Thai massage chairs that are situated in an open space where you will experience our authentic Asian atmosphere.

Price list

  • 55 min 95€
  • 85 min 125€