Namina Collection

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Namina Cocos De Luxe Body Cream 150ml

Cocos de Luxe Body Cream softens even the driest skin and the parsley extract has a long-lasting effect on the skin. Price 18,90

Namina Choco Velvet Body Scrub 200ml

Boosted with bamboo and walnut powder, Choco Velvet Body Scrub removes dead skin cells and nourishes the dry skin, leaving you feeling completely refreshed. Price 28,90

Namina Cocos De luxe body wash 200ml

Namina’s exhilarating Body Wash will leave your skin feeling fresh and exotic, and the ginger extract in Cocos de Luxe nourishes and energizes the skin from morning until night. Price 17,90€

Namina choco velvet foot cream 200ml

Our pampering chocolaty foot cream soothes your tired legs and makes you feel like you are walking on clouds. American cranberry oil treats your skin efficiently and contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. It has also been said to have a favorable effect on psoriasis and eczema. Price 18,90€

Namina choco velvet foot scrub 200ml

Namina Choco Velvet Foot Scrub softens the skin on your feet leaving your feet silky smooth for hours. Bamboo- and walnut powder used in Choco Velvet are an excellent ecological alternative for scrubs containing plastic granules. Price 27,50€

Namina choco velvet hand cream 120ml

Choco Velvet Hand Cream will give you a sense of an authentic Asia by pampering your delecate hands throughout the day. Price 12,50€

Namina cocos de luxe hand wash 200ml

Fresh Cocos de Luxe Hand Wash cleans and refreshes your skin leaving your hands feeling exquisite and soft. Price 15,50€